Doris Davis

Doris DavisDoris Davis began working for Business World in 1990.  She started at the Windy Hill location and soon moved to the East Cobb location.  Business World relocated to 2265 Roswell Road in 1995 and Doris moved with them.  She has now been at this location for 14 years.  She is delighted that Sam and Shirley McCollum, as owners of the building, have returned to operating the executive suite.

Doris is loved by her clients who have trusted her for many years to answer their phones, greet their visitors, and take care of their administrative needs.  Doris has worn many hats over the years not only with the executive suite business but in other types of businesses.  Although her years of experience help her to perform most of the every day tasks required by an office suite, her passion is taking care of clients’ needs so they can be comfortable and successful.


2265 Roswell Road, Ste 100
Marietta, GA 30026
Phone: (770) 509-2200
Manager Cell: 678-770-6758
Fax: (770) 509-2207